Anime Los Angeles with Karlibra and SonicSpiderMan

This is the 47th episode of Kinda Geeky. This is another interview episode. I got a chance to sit down with @karlibra and @sonicspiderman at Anime Los Angeles this past weekend. I actually ran into them right as I got to ALA and they were chilling and ready to get Kinda Geeky. We covered the normal topics of video games and movies. Which was pretty entertaining, especially the pony game. Also we touched on some serious the topics like consent within cosplay and how cosplay is for everyone. I really enjoyed hanging out with them and I think you will enjoy this episode. Can’t wait to see what @karlibra and @sonicspiderman do next, and thank you so much for doing the podcast. Enjoy and stay…

Kinda Geeky


P.S. All photos from ALA will be posted soon.


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