This is 40 (Over the Hill)

Oh my god, we made it to 40. What is it with round and even number that we like them some much. Well I guess is means we are even closer to episode 50. We start off strong with video games and the Star Wars Battlefront Beta. Then leading into our Halo topics and how system link has seemed to disappear. I think we fell a little short on movies this time but I do make up for it with some new tv shows and animes. Well short on new movies anyways. I think we found a new topic question for people we interview in the movie category now. So video game evolution is games and a new movies question. Also we discuss our coming plans for Stan Lee’s Comikaze. There is also a little argument between Lillie and I in the middle somewhere. I hope you enjoy and remember to stay…

Kinda Geeky


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