A Little Bit of Power

For this episode Lillie and I are back at my place. It’s another kind of in between episode. With only sports games coming out we do talk about a few like Madden and FIFA. And also coming releases for the next couple of months. This is another really special episode, because I got the interview the Cosplaytwiins.It is always awesome hanging out with them and I’m so glad I got a chance to interview them.If you wanted to learn a little more about their Cosplay or when they started Or even some other cool information. You will enjoy this episode.Should have a few more interviews in the next couple episodes. Enjoy and stay…Kinda geeky.


20150912_115403 20150912_115415 20150912_115455 20150912_120643 20150912_120829 20150912_122958 20150912_131056 20150912_132337 20150912_134354 20150912_134406 20150912_134553


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