Anime Expo 2015 with interviews

This is a special episode of Kinda Geeky. In episode 35, we cover Anime Expo 2015. In which we talk a little bit about my experience and all the really cool cosplayers I hung out with. But the reason why it is a special episode is because; I was able to interview a couple cosplayers during the convention. First you will hear from Zack (still looking for his webpage) but he gave me a little of his time to talk about a couple topics and was a great guy. And then I got a chance to talk to Kat (you can find here under ohgodtechnology) she gave me 30 minutes to talk about cosplay and games and then we fell into a GoT hole. It was a great time and she was really easy to talk to. Also some honorable mentions for a couple really amazing cosplayers and cool people; that is you Lynn, Jazz and Marty, Luna Lanie, Kateri Drewes. Thanks for an amazing time. Enjoy the episode and remember to stay…

Kinda Geeky

P.S. Mad shoot out to Club Cosplay and Ivan and Elissa (I Hope I spelled that right). Amazing people and had a wonderful conversation with them. Join Club Cosplay, you will not regret it.

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