Ops…we did it again.

Sorry about that guys, didn’t realize the episode did not work until ,y friend Julio stopped by. We were chilling paling some magic and then he said, “Julio: Hey do you know, the episode doesn’t work. Me: First of all I am just happy someone is listening and no.” Thus a correction was made, Here you go and happy new year.


This is the last episode of Kinda Geeky for 2014. In saying that, this is a really fun episode. First it starts off with an insert from a couple friends. My friends Olsen and Ben were hanging out the other day. It is rare to have us altogether anymore. We starting talking video game and got into their video game evolution. Thus, I had to get it record for Kinda Geeky. After that the last of the year “Best of the Year” episode will begin. We talk about the most recent games and movies as always. But, like the title suggests, we discuss our best of for 2014. Mostly the video games, movies and tv shows. However, we do discuss the progress of Kinda Geeky, our favorite episodes to date and plans for the future. Hope you enjoy it. Happy Holidays and have a wonderful New Year.


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