New Episode – Kinda Political?

Welcome to a new episode of Kinda Geeky. In this episode we start off talking about our Thanksgiving plans with some holiday specials sprinkled in. I rant about Destiny in comparison to Mass Effect again (I know I suck :P). We briefly discuss the Evolve Alpha over Halloween weekend and how PS4 was postponed. My favorite part of this episode is we talk about Stan Lee’s Comikaze. I went and meet a lot of cool Cosplayers, some from Agents of Cosplay and also meet some fellow podcasters (geeksaywhat) and found out we are both fans of a certain team. Ok I am rambling, but we do get to movies in which I mean dark movies (my fault this time). Finish with series premiers on certain shows and Doctor Who final. Stay tuned to the end, new segment to try out and maybe continue. Thanks for listening and stay Kinda Geeky.

Tear Away, Final Fantasy, PS Vita, Destiny, Mass Effect, Evolve Alpha, Madden, Xbox One, PS4, Sunset Overdrive, Halo Box Set, Assassins Creed, Fight Night, Gregarious Geek, Thestylishgeek, Miss Piratesavvy, Scruffy Rebel


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