Vita to the Vine

Well we are back again. Still a little behind but getting caught up. We are back to are normal mode and tune in this episode, after the tired unorganized last podcast. Anyways, we hop right into video games with Lillie buying a new PS Vita. She had just bought it so we don’t get much into it. We wonder about certain aspects of the coming game Sunset Overdrive. Once again we talk about Evolve with the alpha approaching. We get a little side tracked with a certain tv show (The Leftovers). I actually talk about a couple movies that aren’t dark and gloomy (well mostly anyways). I did kinda talk about Horns with Daniel Radcliffe for a minute. Next we get into the tv shows with talking about some season premiers.  Like the Flash which I am really happy with and get into decision about. Also, the return of Arrow and a few other tv shows I geek out about. And then finish as always with sports “football”. Enjoy.

PS Vita, ZTX, Don’t Starve, Borderlands 2, Sunset Overdrive, Evolve Alpha, Gone Girl, The Leftovers, Horns, A Million Ways to Die in the West, Bad Words, Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods, The Walking Dead, The Flash, Arrow, The Affair, Selfie, Castle


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